Saturday, December 30, 2017


Where does BTE stand on politics? 

We are, essentially, European-descent indigenous nationalists. We perceive the governments of Cemanahuac to be unlawful assemblages given that they are on stolen land. We do not recognize the American president as being lawfully elected, or even America itself as being a lawful entity. We do not engage in partisan political involvement at all. However, we DO use our votes to help elect into current office those parties that would be least detrimental to the indigenous peoples. We do not celebrate “national” holidays.

Where does BTE stand on religion? 

We are anti-religious. We are cognizant of how Christianity has been historically used to indoctrinate the indigenous peoples, further separating them from their cultures, language and cosmology, through horrific acts of barbarism. All religious structures have the capacity for this evil, as they are, by nature, exclusive to any who disagree with their beliefs. We see religion as a tool of white supremacy, to continue the oppression of people of color by means of sedating their ability to think critically and thereby cast off the chains of colonialism. We do not celebrate religious holidays.

Are you a non-profit organization? 

No. We are fully self-funded by our members. We do not accept donations. Establishing a non-profit organization requires funds be given to the government we do not recognize, in order to be “official,” and receiving external donations would be receiving indigenous resources, which we avoid.

Who is behind BTE?

Our membership roll is private. However, members can, and are encouraged to, publicly declare their membership on social media and the like.

What is the difference between a supporter and a member?

Anyone can become a supporter of BTE simply by following and sharing our posts, and striving to adhere to our principles of scholarship, stewardship, service and speaking up. Those that wish to become recognized members are held to a higher standard and must demonstrate their commitment to these values for a time period before being admitted. Regular ongoing communication and participation are required.