Saturday, December 30, 2017

Who We Are

Back to Europe is a non-violent, educational organization composed of European-descent people. Its aim is to educate European-descent people on our shared history of crimes against humanity, to become an accountable, moral people, and to eventually repatriate to our countries of origin, returning the lands of Cemanahuac (North and South America) to the Nican Tlaca (indigenous) people. We believe the full removal of ALL European-descent peoples from these lands is a moral imperative, the necessary action of any MORAL people to correct the grave injustices committed upon the indigenous peoples.

We do not see Europeans leaving in a mass exodus in the very near future, but rather as a gradual, determined movement over the course of several generations. We seek to make this happen through educating ourselves and other Europeans, becoming wholly accountable for our role in the indigenous genocide, both historically and to this day. While we continue to inhabit this stolen land, we are committed to living by a moral code that minimizes the impact of our existence here, and offers reparative actions in our daily behavior. The principles we strive to live by are scholarship, stewardship, service and speaking up.

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