Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Fallacy of Illegal Immigration

Our people tend to have a reverence for all things "Indian," whether it be their presumed cosmology, their oneness with nature, their fierce yet peaceful nature or any other attributes our society has ingrained in us to believe are the hallmarks of the true "native American."

We love it so much we steal it. We admire it so much we try to make it our own. We created a million dollar industry in native American costumes just so once a year, we can dress up like these brave warriors of old. By the way, that's called cultural appropriation, and if you do it, you're a DICK. Secondly, our assumptions about these native Americans are way off base.

How so? Well, let's start with the "of old" part. Yes, we DID slaughter between 80 and 100 MILLION indigenous people from 1492 on. We did it with force. We did it with biological warfare in the form of blankets soiled with smallpox, to decimate the indigenous populations. We did it with forced assimilation, destroying the indigenous cultures by supplanting them with our own, requiring their obedience in order for them to have the barest necessities. We did it with Christianity, ramming our God down their throats as a replacement for what we perceived as their primitive belief systems.We did it through rape and slavery. We did it through theft of all their resources. We did it with residential schools and missions. We did it in a hundred other equally savage ways. We continue to treat the indigenous peoples as less than, somehow inferior to us, and less worthy of everything we took from them.

DESPITE all our efforts, 5% of the indigenous population on this land survived. SURVIVED. And they are STILL HERE. And not just in those reservations we herded them into, and made smaller, year over year, the worst sections of land we'd already gleaned whatever resources we wanted from. No. They were, and are, all over what we call North and South America.

Here's a question. Did you know Mexicans are indigenous people? At least 75 - 80% of today's Mexicans, by most estimates, are of indigenous blood. The very SAME blood as those "Indians" we so admire, with their feather headresses and stern looks, tipis and peace pipes, rain dances and calling on the ancestors. They are one and the same people.

What makes them different in our eyes? The border that WE created. That politically drawn line in the dirt that has physically separated families for decades, and which now Trump wants to build higher, stronger, and which already is, terribly divisive.

It's always been OUR perception that, here in the states, we have some native Americans, who live on reservations, but they're slowly dying out. Our government gives them money to live there (false!) but they're a shadow of what they once were thanks to drugs and alcohol (which we poisoned them with!). We've maybe been to pow-wows, and have been awed and saddened by these once proud people and what they have become.

We may feel pity for them, which is wholly inappropriate, given the facts of our own actions in attempting to wipe them off the face of Earth entirely. But what we feel for MEXICANS? That's entirely different. We see them as dirty, lazy, subhuman, incapable of ambition or intelligence, great worthy acts or fine arts. We see them as less than second-class citizens, less than our own vaguely accepted "Indians." And now they're trying to sneak across the border and STEAL OUR LANDS?!

The horror! The gall! They should come here legally or not at all!

Did WE come here legally? Oh no, we "won" fair and square and they should just accept it, right? NO. No, we did not. We came here, and seeing the land already inhabited, planted our foreign flags on it and claimed it as ours ANYHOW. Then taught our children Christopher Columbus DISCOVERED it.

This land, every inch, from Canada to the tip of South America, rightly belongs to the indigenous peoples, and always has. BEFORE we came here, with our manifest destiny and our killing God, with our greed and disease and perversion, this land was tread by indigenous people from one end to the other, with NO WALL. No BORDER. No need to segregate ONE PEOPLE.

How incredibly arrogant of us to tell Mexicans to "go home," when THEY ARE ON THEIR OWN LAND!. How incredibly despicable of us to accuse them of the vilest acts that WE ourselves, committed upon their people! And how inaccurate of us to call them, OR ANY PEOPLE, illegal, because we feel a false sense of superiority to them! How IMMORAL of us to suggest that the rightful owners of these lands should leave us, the invaders, in peace to enjoy the fruits of our genocide upon them!